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Volume Topic or Theme Issue



Vol. I General Topics 1 1978



Arthur Ferrill, History in Roman Schools 1-5

John P Murphy, M. Vipsanius Agrippa and Later Writers Depending Upon His "Chorographia" on Spain and Gaul 7-13

Brigette W Treumann, West-Phoenician Presence on the Iberian Peninsula 15-31

Al. N. Oikonomides, Athenopolis Massiliensium and Saint Tropez 33-44

Ladislaus J Bolchazy, From Xenophobia to Altruism: Homeric and Roman Hospitality 45-64


Vol. I General Topics 2 1978



John F. Barrett, Alcmeon, the Enemy of Themsitocles 67-69

Ralph W. Mathisen, The Acitivities of Antigonos Gonatos 280-279 BC and Memnon of Herakleia, Concerning Herakleia 71-74

John Scarborough, Reflections on Spartacus 75-81

Al. N. Oikonomides, The Alleged `Carthaginian Blockade' of the Western Mediterranean and the Adventures of a Massaliot "Tramp Ship" (Demosthenes XXXII) 83-88

Richard W. Baldes, Subjectivism and Objectively True Observation: Statements in Democritus 89-95

Eugene N. Borza, D. G. Hoarth's Philip and Alexander: Eighty Years After 97-101

Vol. I General Topics 3 1978



Victor J. Matthews, Chalybes, Syri, and Sinope: The Greeks in the Pontic Regions 107-108

Carol G. Thomas, On the Origin of the Institution of Slavery 109-110

Linda C. Reilly, The Naming of Slaves in Greece 111-113

Al. N. Oikonomides, An Altar Inscription from the Asclepion of Ancient Emporion in Spain (Ampurias) 115-118

Josiah Ober, Views of Sea Power in the Fourth-Century Attic Orators 119-130

George B Rogers, Roman Republican Coins from the Antibes District 131-135

M. C. J. Miller, A New Record of Titus' Return to Alexandria After the Sack of Jerusalem (April 25, AD 71) 137-140

William N Bayless, The Peace of 439 AD: Avitus and the Visigoths 141-143

Vol. I General Topics 4 1978



O. Kimball Armayor, Herodotus' Persian Vocabulary 147-156

Al. N. Oikonomides, Misread Greek Inscriptions As Documents of the "Samothrakian," "Taratine," "Gallic," and "Illyrian" Language 159-166

Arthur Ferrill, The Wealth of Crassus and the Origins of the "First Triumvirate" 169-177

JoAnn M. Sweeney, The Career of Cn. Domitius Calvinus 179-185

Thomas S. Burns, Calculating Ostrogothic Army and Population 187-190

John Maas, How To Be A Scholarly Book Reviewer 193-194

Vol. II General Topics 1 1979



A. L. H. Robkin, The Odeion of Perikles: The Date of its Construction and the Periklean Building Program 3-12

Philip V. Stanley, Agoranomoi and Metronomoi: Athenian Market Officials and Regulations 13-19

Al. N. Oikonomides, Three Athenian Eponymous Archons: i) Hoplon 217/6 BC; ii) Fulvius Metrodorus of Sounion, 115/6 BC; iii) C. Fulvius Thisbianus, 186/7 AD 21-24

Al. N. Oikonomides, Quintus Vibius Crispus. Athenian Eponymous Archon (83-93 AD) 24

Stanley M. Burstein, Heraclea Pontica: The City and Subjects 25-28

Stephen G. Miller, Drinking Uncut Wine ... to Death. Unpublished Greek Epigram. 29-30

M. C. J. Miller, A Legionary's Funerary Stele from Athens 31-32

John P. Murphy, An Index to the Final Supplementband (XV) of the RE 33-34

Carol G. Thomas, The Territorial Imperative of the Polis 35-39

Vol. II General Topics 2 1979



Cyrus H. Gordon, Bronze Age Cities as Philological Centers 43-45

R. I. Frank, Ager Publicus and Latifundia 47-50

Richard D. Weigel, M Aemilius Lepidus and M Fulvius Nobilior: The Censors of 179 BC. The Nature of Their Feud and Its Resolution 51-53

William C. McDermott, C Asinius Pollio, Catulus, and C Julius Caesar 55-60

M. C. J. Miller, L Claudius Julianus: Prefect of Egypt 61-63

Donald F. O'Reilly, An Autun Inscription to the Theban Legion's Matyrs at Acaunus? 65-67

Stephen A. Stertz, Ammianus Marcellinus on the Emperor Gallienus: His sources 69-71

Vol. II General Topics 3 1979



K. R. Walters, Political Clubs and Cultural Contradictions in Attic Mythology 75-77

Marios Phillippides, The Parthenai and the Foundation of Taras 79-82

J. Daniel & R. Polansky, The Tale of the Delphic Oracle in Plato's Apology 83-85

Thomas Hardy, Liddell and Scott On the Completion of their Lexicon 86

Charles D. Hamilton, On the Perils of Extraordinary Honors: the Cases of Lysander and Conon 87-90

S. L. Dyson, New Methods & Models in the Study of Roman Town-Country Systems 91-95

Al. N. Oikonomides, Defeated Athens. The Land of Oropos, Caesar and Augustus. Notes on the Sources for the history of the years 49-27 BC 97-103

Vol. II General Topics 4 1979



S. Lombardo, Auriga Reoriented: A Note On Constellation Forms and Greek Artistic Imagination 107-109

W. L. Adams, Cassander and the Crossing of Hellespont: Diodorus 17.17.4 111-115

Clifford E. Minor, The Robber Tribes of Isauria 117-127

John P. Adams, The Roman Imperial Army in the East: Social and Governmental Problems 129-137

M. C. J. Miller, Legio Decima Equitata: The Tenth Legion After Caesar and The Colonists of Patras 139-144

Vol. III General Topics 1 1980



David S. Wiesen, Herodotus and the Modern Debate Over Race and Slavery 3-16

Al. N. Oikonomides, Attic Choregic-Inscriptions: I. Aristeides and Cyriacus of Ancona II. The Walls South of the Acropolis and the Pythion III. Four Rich Athenians from the Deme of Thorikos 17-22

Ronald A. Bleeker, Aspar and Attila: The Rule of Flavius Ardabirius Aspar in the Hun Wars of the 440s 23-28

Roy. Kotansky, Kronos and a New Magical Inscription Formula on a Gem in the J P Getty Museum 28-32

Vol. III General Topics 2 1980



David Neiman, Ethiopia and Kush: Biblical and Ancient Greek Epigraphy 34-42

Fordyce Mitchell, Timanthes the Metic and the Hermokopidai 43

A. L. H. Robkin, The Tent of Xerxes and the Odeion of Themistokles: Some Speculations 44-46

Al. N. Oikonomides, The Sites of the Horse and the Girl 47-48

Christina Roseman, Loxias and Mantike in the The Oresteia 49-54

Edward M. Anson, Discrimination and Eumenes of Cardia 55-59

Gerald E. Max, Majorian's Intelligence Embassy. Procopius' Record of the Emperor's Entry into Enemey-held Africa and the Historiographical Tradition 61-63

Vol. III General Topics 3-4 1980



W. L. Adams, The Royal Macedonian Tomb at Vergina: An Historical Interpretation 67-72

Stanley M. Burstein, Lysimachus and the Greek Cities of Asia: The Case of Miletus 73-79

A. P. Kozloff, Harpocrates and the Sacred Goose 80-81

Frank Collins, III, The Macedonians and the Revolt of Aristonicus 83-87

Phillip V. Stanley, Two Thasian Wine Laws: A Reexmination 88-93

Al. N. Oikonomides, Flavius Arrian and the Inscriptions 94-96

Meyer Reinhold, Roman Attitudes Toward Egyptians 97-103

Joseph Breslin, The Athenian Board of Generals In Samos 439/8 BC (IG II2 ML56) 104-106

Blaise Nagy, A Late Panathenaic Document 107-111

Victor J. Matthews, Who Were the Kings of Aigialians in Antimachus F10 Wyss? 113-114

Dana Sutton, A Complete Handlist to the Literacy Remains of the Greek Satyr Plays 115-130

Vol. IV General Topics 1-2 1982



Elias Kapetanopoulos, Some Remarks on the Athenian Prytaneis 5-15

R. W. Baldes, Democritus on Empirical Knowledge: Reflections on DK 68B125 and on Aristotle, Metaphysics 4.5 17-34

Al. N. Oikonomides, Herodotus V, 89 and the Transfer-Date of the Athenian Agora at Kermeikos 35-37

Frank Collins, III, Eutropius and the Dynastic Name Eumenes of the Pergamene Pretender Aristonicus 39-43

Al. N. Oikonomides, The Pilgrimage of Two Thessalians to the Temple of Amenotes at deir el-Bahri, IG Hatshepsut 74, 1-19 45-48

Lawrence J. Daly, Livy's Veritas and the Spolia Opima: Politics and the Heroics of A. Cornelius Cossus (Livy 4.19-20) 49-63

Vol. IV Alexander the Great, I 3-4 1982



Editors, The Ancient World, Scholarship. Research, and The Search for Alexander 67-89

M. B. Hatzopoulos, A Century of a Lustrum of Macedonian Studies, 91-108

Patricia Langer, Alexander the Great at Siwah 109-127


Vol. V Alexander the Great, II 1-2 1982



Editors, The Ancient World, Scholarship, Research and The Search for Alexander 3-9

Al. N. Oikonomides, The Epigram on the Tomb of Olympias at Pydna 9-16

Willaim S. Greenwalt, A Macedonian Mantis 17-25

Raymond D. Schoder, SJ, Alexander's Son and Roxane in the Boscoreale Murals 27-32

Frank L. Holt, The Hyphasis "Mutiny": A Source Study 33-59

Vol. V Greece, 4th Cent BC, I 3-4 1982



Charles D. Hamilton, Agesilaus and the Failure of Spartan Hegemony 67-78

John Buckler, Alliance and Hegemony in Fourth-Century Greece: The Case of the Theban Hegemony 79-89

Jack Cargill, Hegemony not Empire: The Second Athenian League 91-102

A. J. Graham, On the great List of Theori at Thasos 101-121

Al. N. Oikonomides, Athens and the Phokians at the Outbreak of the Lamian War (=IG II2 367) 123-128

Vol. VI Egyptian Miscellanies 1-4 1983



Hany A. Assaad, The House of Thutnefer and Egyptian Architectural Drawings 3-20

Edward L. Bleiberg, The Location of Pithom and Succoth 21-27

Lynda Green, Egyptian Words for Dancers and Dancing 29-38

Arthur F. Halpert, A Student's Guide to the Durative Tenses and the Second Present in Egyptian 39-52

James K. Hoffmeier, Some Egyptian Motifs Related to Enemies and Warfare and Their Old Testament Counterparts 53-70

Sally L. D. Katary, Cultivator, Scribe, Stablemaster, Soldier: The Late Egyptian Miscellanies in Light of Papyrus Willbour 71-94

Allyn L. Kelley, A Review of the Evidence Concerning Early Egyptian Knife Handles 95-102

Ronald J. Leprohon, Intef III and Amenenhat III at Elephantine 103-107

Edmund S. Meltzer, Afroasiatic Varia II 109-114

Donald B. Spaniel, A Toronto Sahidic Addition to the Pakhom Dossier IFissher A1, ff. 1-2) 115-125

Vivien Williams, The Works of Ronald J Williams 126-128

Vol. VII Athletics in Antiquity 1-2 1983



Antony E. Raubitschek, The Agonistic Spirit in Greek Culture 3-7

David G. Romano, The Ancient Stadium: Athletes and Arete 9-16

Truesdell S. Brown, Herodotus' Views on Athletics 17-29

Hugh M. Lee, Athletic Arete in Pindar 31-37

Herbert W. Benario, Sport at Rome 39-43

David C. Young, Professionalism in Archaic and Classical Greek Athletics 45-51

The 8th International Congress of Greek and Latin Epigraphy With an indexed Register of the Communications 53-61

Al. N. Oikonomides, A New Greek Inscription from Vergina and Eurydice the Mother of Philip 62-64

VII Archaeology & History of Western Mediterranean 3-4 1983



A. Trevor Hodge, Massalia Meteorology and Navigation 67-88

Raymond V. Schoder S.J., Ancient Antipolis in Southern France 89-98

Al. N. Oikonomides, The Hero Settlers of two Greek Colonies on the Mediterranean Coast of Spain 99-106

Al. N. Oikonomides, An "Unpublished" Greek Inscription from Rhode (Roses) in Spain 107-110

James D. Breckenridge, Hannibal as Alexander 111-128

Ronald Mellor, Archaeology and the Oriental Religions in the West 129-138

Al. N. Oikonomides, The Companions of Odysseus & the Balearic Islands (P. Oxy. 2688, 26-32) 139-144

Vol. VIII Ancient Epirus 1-2 1983



Pierre Cabanes, La Recherche Epigraphique en Epire 3-12

N. G. L. Hammond, Travels in Epirus and South Albania Before World War II 13-46

Apostolos N. Athanassakis, A New Frontier for the Archaeology of Epirus: A Preliminary Archaeological Survey of Ano Radovyzia 47-66

Al. N. Oikonomides, The Portrait of Pyrrhos King of Epirus in Hellenistic and Roman Art 67-72

Peter A. Manti, The Cavlry Sarissa 73-80

Vol. VIII Honoring Sterling Dow: Saluting Sterling Dow for Fifty Years in Scholarship 3-4 1983



Fredrika H. Jacobs, Alexander the Great and the Iconography of Pope Paul III, 1534-1549 83-94

Sterling Dow, Catalogi Generis Incerti IG II2 2364-2489, A Check List 95-106

Al. N. Oikonomides, Ancient Greek Inscriptions from the Coast of Contestania (Alicante) and the Island of Ebysos (Ibiza) 107-118

Charles D. Hamilton, The Generalship of King Agesilaus of Sparta 119-127

Janice J. Gabbert, The Grand Strategy of Antigonos II Gonatas and the Chremonidean War 129-136

M. James Moscovich, Historical Compression in Cassius Dio's Account of the Second Century BC 137-143

Vol. IX Hellenistic Bactria (Discovering the lost History of Hellenistic Bactria), I 1-2 1984



Frank L. Holt, Discovering the Lost History of Ancient Afghanistan Hellenistic Bactria in Light of Recent Archaeological and Historical Research 3-11

Frank L. Holt, Select Bibliography of Recent Research and Studies on Hellenistic Bactria (Afghanistan) 13-28

Al. N. Oikonomides, Eukratides the Great and Hellenistic Bactria 29-34

C. P. Cavafy (1883 to 1933) 35-37

Coins with Indian Inscriptions Edited by Al. N. Oikonomides

Fordyce W. Mitchel, The Rasura of IG II* 43: Jason, the Pheraian Demos and the Athenian League 39-58

Drew Harrington, The Battle of Actium A Study in Historiography 59-64

Vol. IX Ancient Games & Athletics 3-4 1984



A. Papalas, The Development of Greek Boxing 67-76

Thomas Scanlon, The Footrace of the Heraia at Olympia 77-90

D. G. Kyle, Solon and Athletics 91-105

Hugh M. Lee, Modern Ultra long Distance Running and Philippides' Run from Athens to Sparta 107-113

Fordyce W. Mitchell, An Ephebic Dedication of 334/3 Reconsidered 115-118

Dana Sutton, Scenes from Greek Satyr Plays Illustrated in Greek Vase Paintings 119-126

Vol. X Early Trade and Traders 1-2 1984



A. J. Graham, Commercial Interchanges between Greeks and Natives 3-10

M. B. Wallace, Texts, Amphoras, Coins, Standards and Trade 11-14

T. J. Figueira, Karl Polanyi and Ancient Greek Trade: The Port of Trade 15-30

C. M. Reede, Maritme Traders in the Archaic Greek World: A Typology of Those Engaged In the Long-Distance Transfer of Goods by Sea 31-44

R. J. Rowland, The Case of the Missing Sardinian Grain 45-48

J. S. Gottlieb, Early Editions of Ptolemy's Geography and other Ancient Gepgraphers at the Newberry Library of Chicago 49-55

Al. N. Oikonomides, The First Archaic Greek Inscription Found in France and the Foundation of Antipolis (Antibes) 57-62

Vol. X War God in Chicago 3-4 1984



L. Berge, A War God in Chicago 66

Edward M. Anson, The Meaning of the Term Macedones 67-68

W S. Greenwalt, The Search for Arrhidaeus 69-77

W T. L. Adams, Antipater & Cassander: Generalship on Restricted Resources in the Fourth Century 79-88

Yvonne Korshak, Frontal Faces in Attic Vase painting of the Archaic Period 89-109

J. P. Adams, The Maritime Cities of the Greco-Roman East Using the Title NAYAPXIC: Evidence and False Leads 110-126

Al. N. Oikonomides, An Etruscan if Fifth Century Athens (IG I2 923) 127-128


Vol. XI Ancient Goldwork 1-2 1985



Louise Berge & Karen Alexander, Ancient Gold Work and Jewelry from Chicago Collections 3-32

M. Phillippides, King Pleistoanax and the Spartan Invasion of Attica in 446 BC 33-41

Waldo E. Sweet, Protections of the Genitals in Greek Athletics 43-52

Al. N. Oikonomides, Greek Inscriptions from the Ancient City of Massalia 53-60

Lambros Missitzis, Zeus Batenos 61-64


Vol. XI Corruption in Antiquity 3-4 1985



Barry S. Strauss, The Cultural Significnace of Bribery and Embezzlement in Athenain Politics: the Evidence of the Period 403-386 BC 67-74

Jack Cargill, Demosthenes, Aeschines, and the Crop of Traitors 75-85

J. Linderski, Buying the Vote: Electoral Corruption in the Late Republic 87-94

Vasily Rudich, Accomodation to Corrupt Reality. Tacitus' Dialogus de Oratoribus 95-100

Marsha B. McCoy, Corruption in the Western Empire: the Career of Sextus Petronius Probus 101-106

Al. N. Oikonomides, The Praise of Amenotes for the Cure of Poyaratos (O. Cairo 67300): Two Priests at Deir el-Bahri write and edit a `Miraculous cure' in 261\0 BC 107-114

H. A. Shapiro, Greek `Bobbins': A New Interpretation 115-120

Donald V. Sippel, A Reconsideration of the "Eponyms" Inscribed on Rhodian Amphora Stamps 121-128


Vol. XII Alexander the Great, III 1-2 1985



Lambros Missitzis, A Royal Decree of Alexander the Great on the Lanfs of Philippi 3-14

Adrian Tronson, The Relevance of IG II2 329 to the Hellenic League of Alexander the Great 15-19

Joseph Breslin, A Decree of Polyeuktos of Sphettos (IG II2 350) 21-23

A. M. Devine, The Strategies of Alexander the Great and Darius III in the Issus Campaign (333 BC) 25-38

A. M. Devine, Grand Tactics at the Battle of Issus 39-59

D. Sipple, The Purpose of Rhodian Alexander-type Tetradrachms 61-68

Al. N. Oikonomides, The Deification of Alexander in Bactria and India 69-71


Vol. XII Hellenistic Warfare (Two Battles between the Armies of Antigonus and Eumenes in 317 B.C.) 3-4 1985



A.M. Devine Diodorus' Account of the Battle of Paraitacene 75-86

A.M. Devine Diodorus' Account of the Battle of Gabiene 87-96

D.V. Sippel A Reward for Athens, A Punishment for Rhodes? 97-104

M.K. & R.L. Thornton The Draining of Fucine Lake: A Quantitative Analysi 105-120

J.W. Leopold Himerius and the Panathenaea 121-127

Review Articles

Al. N. Oikonomides Demosthenes and the Academy of Athens 128-132

Eleanor Guralnick Looking at a New Handbook of Roman Art 133-135


Vol. XIII Cults, Coins and Inscriptions, I 1-2 1986



Athena G. Kaloyeropoulou, Fragment from a Decree of an Attic Deme 3-5

Richard J. Klonoski, Palto's Discussion of Seers in Laches 195e-199a 7-9

Al. N. Oikonomides, The Cult of the Satyr Posthon at Sounion 11-14

Ersie Mantzoulinou-Richards, Demeter Malophoros: The Divine Sheep-Bringer 15-22

M. C. J. Miller, The Macedonian Pretender Pausanias and His Coinage 23-27

Janice J. Gabbert, Pragmatic Democracy in Hellenistic Athens 29-33

Donald V. Sippel, The Meeting Place of the Rhodian Nesiotic League 35-40

Donald V. Sippel, Tenos and the Nesiotic League 41-46

Al. N. Oikonomides, Hellenistic Numismatics and "The Philhellene" of C P Cavafy 41-46

M. C. J. Miller, Forum Iulium ad Aegyptum 55-61

H. W. Pleket, Zeus Batenos 63


Vol. XIII Alexander the Great, IV 3-4 1986



D. I. Tsibukides, I Prilutskaya and V Sergeyev, Studies on Alexander the Great and the Hellenistic World in the USSR 67-72

Valerie French & Patricia Dixon, The Pixodorus Affair: Another View. Appendix: The Reliability of Plutarch 73-86

A. M. Devine, The Battle of Gaugamela: A Tactical and Source-Critical Study 87-116

William Greenwalt, Herodotus and the Foundation of Argead Macedonia 117-122

A. S. Bradford, A Spartan Career Restored IG V.I.36 123-128


Vol. XIV Greece, 4th Cent. BC 1-2 1986



A. S. Bradford, Biographical Essay: Fordyce Wood Mitchel 2-4

Thomas J. Figueira, An Aiginetan Elite Family of the Fourth Century BC 5-11

A. S. Bradford, Gynaikokratoumenoi. Did Spartan Women Rule Spartan Men? 13-18

Stanley M. Burstein, Lysimachus and the Cities. The Early Years 19-24

Valerie French & Patricia Dixon, The Source Traditions for the Pixodorus Affair 25-40 Irwin L Merker, Habron the Son of Lykourgos of Biutadai 41-50

Al. N. Oikonomides, The Epigraphical Tradition of the Decree of Stratokles Honoring `Post Mortem' the Orator Lykourgos IG II2 457 and IG II2 513 51-56 David Whitehead, The "Great Demarchy" of Erchia 57-64


Vol. XIV Where was the Cretan Labyrinth? 3-4 1987



Donald V. Sipple, The Supposed Site of the Cretan Labyrinth 67-79

Sophia Schliemann, Schliemann's Excavations (with a new Bibliography) 81-86

Donald V. Sipple, Minoan Religion and the Sign of the Double Axe 87-94

The Editors, World's First Museum of Cycladic Art Celebrates its First Birthday 95-96

Frank J. Frost, Here and There in the Cyclades: An Historian and Archaeologist Looks Around and Remembers His Wanderings 97-114

Peter Karavites, Homer: Horkia, Horkos 115-128


Vol. XV Hellenistic Bactria, II 1-2 1987



Frank L. Holt, Hellenistic Bactria: Beyond the Mirage (Select Bibliography) 3-15

Al. N. Oikonomides, Mercenary Armies and Commanders in the Graeco-Bactrian Empire 17-19

Julian P. Romane. W W Tarn on the Art of History 21-24

Zbigniew T. Fiema, The Roman Annexation of Arabia: A General Perspective 25-35

Al. N. Oikonomides, Ancient Inscriptions Recording the Restoration of Greco-Roman Shrines by the Emperor Flavius Claudius Julianus (361-363 AD) 37-42

Mogens H. Hansen, Did Kleisthenes Use the Lot when Trittyes were Allocated to Tribes? 43-44

Andre Gerolymatos, Ekphantos Thasos: An Example of Political Use of the Athenian Proxenia 45-48


Vol. XV Politicians, Political Views and Politics in Antiquity 3-4 1987



Frank J. Frost, Attic Literacy and the Solonian Seisachtheia 51-58

Nancy B. Reed, The Euandria Competition at the Panathenaia Reconsidered 59-64

Truesdell S. Brown, Megabyzus Son of Zopyrus 65-74

Peter Krentz, Thibron and the Thirty 75-79

Robert A. Moysey, Isokrates and Chares: A Study in the Political Spectrum of Mid-Fourth Century Athens 81-86

James M. Williams, The Peripatetic School and Demetrius of Phalerum's Reforms in Athens 87-98

Marsha B. McCoy, Quintus Cicero, the Commentariolum Petitionis and the Political Aspirations of the Ciceros 99-104

Vasily Rudich, Seneca's Palinode: Consolatio ad Polybium and Apokolokyntosis 105-109

Lambros Missitzis, A Greek Christian Inscription from Cartagena (Spain) 111-112


Vol. XVI Solon or Pisistratus? 1-2 1987



Anthony Podlecki, Solon or Peisistratus? A Case of Mistaken Identity 3-10

O. Kimball Armayor, Hecateus' Humor and Irony in Herodotus' Narrative of Egypt 11-18

L. R. Hill, Roots of the Classical Age: Some Scholarly Views on Change and Continuity in the History of Ancient Greece 19-28

Al. N. Oikonomides, "Resting Sites" (Lesxai) in Ancient Athens and Attica 29-34

Donald V. sippel, Some Observations on the Means and Cost of the Transport of Bulk Commodoties in the Late Republic and Early Empire 35-45

Donald V. Sippel, Dietary Deficiency Among the Lower Classes of Late Republican and Early Imperial Rome 47-54

Vol. XVI Alexander the Great V 3-4 1987



John W. Leopold, Demosthenes' Strategy in the First Philippic 59-69

A. S. Sofman & D. I. Tsibukidi, Nearchus and Alexander 71-77

Julian P. Romane. Alexander's Siege on Tyre 79-90

A. M. Devine, The Battle of Hydaspes: A Tactical and Source-Critical Study 91-113

Al. N. Oikonomides, Tabales and Indices for the Catalogue and Supplements of The Search for Alexander Exhibition (1980-1983) 115-118

Vol. XVII Herodotus, I 1-2 1988



Truesdell S. Brown, Early Life of Herodotus 3-15

Truesdell S. Brown, The Greek Exiles: Herodotus' Contemporaries 17-28

Malcolm F. McGregor, D. Kagan's The Fall of the Athenian Empire: Review Article 29-30

Al. N. Oikonomides, Three Archaic Greek Inscriptions From the Island of Syros 31-34

Ersie Mantzoulinou-Richards, A Stele for a Priestess of Isis on the Island of Syros 35-39

Apostolos Athanassakis, Gods, Heroes, and Saints Against the Dragon 41-63

Vol. XVII Herodotus, II 3-4 1988



Truesdell S. Brown, Herodotus' Travels 65-75

Truesdell S. Brown, Herodotus in Egypt (1) The Country 77-87

Truesdell S. Brown, Herodotus in Egypt (2) The People 89-98

Truesdell S. Brown, Herodotus' Choice of Egypt as a Subject 99-107

Gary Forsythe, The Political background of the Lex Calpurnia of 149 BC 109-119

Vol. XVIII Alexander the Great, VI 1-2 1988



A. M. Devine, A Pawn-Sacrifice at the Battle of the Granicus 3-20

Patrick Romane, Alexnader's Siege of Gaza 21-30

Al. N. Oikonomides, The Real End of Alexander's Conquest of India 31-34

William Greenwalt, Amyntas III and the Political Stability of Argead Macedonia 35-44

Al. N. Oikonomides, The ╬ ou¤‚ of Aegeus (Eur. Med. 679) and the ╬ ous of Timesikles (SEG xxxiv 43) 45-47

A. M. Devine, On the Letter of Calanus to Alexander (Aelian, Varia Historia 5.6) 48

J. A. S. Evans, Byzantine Kingship: The Claim of Dynastic Right 49-55

Al. N. Oikonomides, Do Not Drop Things Here.. 56

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Vol. XX Portraits of Macedonian Kings 1-2 1989



J. D Breckenridge, A Missing Eye 3-4

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Vol. XX In Memoriam Sir Ronald Syme 3-4 1989



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Vol. XXI General Topics 3-4 1990



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Vol. XXII General Topics 1 1991



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Vol. XXII Alexander the Great, VII 2 1991



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Vol. XXIII In Memory of Stewart Oost 1 1992



Briggs L. Twyman, Preface to XXIII, 1 3

Edward L. Bassett, Stewart Irvin Oost: A Biography 5-7

Frank M. Clover, Stewart Irvin Oost: A Bibliography 9-18

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Vol. XXIII Warfare in Antiquity 2 1992



James G. DeVoto The Theban Sacred Band 3-19

John R. Mixter The Length of the Macedonian Sarissa During the Reigns of Philip II and Alexander the Great 21-29

Peter A. Manti The Sarissa of the Macedonian Infantry 30-42

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Pierre F. Cagniart Studies On Caesar's Use of Cavalry during the Gallic War 71-85

Christopher Ehrhardt Monumental Evidence for the Date of Constantine's First War against Licinius 87-94

Book Reviews 95-105

Homer and the Origin of the Greek Alphabet, Sara Mandell

Economic rationalism and rural society in third-century A.D. Egypt: The Heroninos archive and the Appianus estate, Sara Mandell

Athletes and Oracles. The Transformation of Olympia and Delphi in the Eight Century B.C., Reviewed by A. M. Devine

Roman Canon Law in Reformation England, Reviewed by A. M. Devine

Torture and Truth, Reviewed by JoAnn Sweeney

Vesuvius and Other Plays, Reviewed by JoAnn Sweeney


Vol. XXIV Emperor Julian & Rebirth of Hellenism 1 1993



Jacqueline Long and Robert J. Penella Emperor Julian: The Man, The Writer and the Legacy 3

Thomas M. Banchich Julian's School Laws: Cod. Theod. 13.5.5 and Ep. 42 5-14

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Alan Cameron Julian and Hellenism 25-29

Robert J. Penella Julian the Persecutor in Fifth Century Church Historians 31-43

Walter E. Kaegi An Investigation of the Emperor Julian 45-53

Notes and Discussions

Stephen J. Simon The Population of Cyrene, Ephesus, and Corinth 55-56

Christopher S. Swezey El Menzeha: Lost Village in the Grand Erg Oriental, Algerian Sahara 57-58

Book Reviews 59-73

The Poet's Voice: Essays on Poetics and Greek Literature, Reviewed by Curtis J. Adler

The First Western Greeks, Reviewed by James G. DeVoto

Nomos: Essays in Athenian Law, Politics and Society; Athenian Politics c. 800-500 B.C.: A Sourcebook; The Foreign Policy of Mithradates VI Eupator, King of Pontus, Reviewed by A. M. Devine

Athena: The Goddess Awakens, Reviewed by Kevin T. Glowacki

Hoplites: The Classical Greek Battle Experience, Reviewed by David Hood

Early Mesopotamia: Society and Economy at the Dawn of History, Reviewed by Sara Mandell

Roman Sculpture, Reviewed by Paul Rehak

A New Topographical Dictionary of Ancient Rome, Reviewed by Judith L. Sebesta


Vol. XXIV Exploration and Colonoization in the Ancient World 2 1993



Ian Morris Columbus, Cleisthenes and Classics: A Commentary 83-89

Ralph W. Mathiesen "Nature or Nurture"__What caused the Famines of Late Roman Gaul? 91-105

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Book Reviews 213-227

Greek Colonists and Native Populations: Proceedings of the First Australian Congress of Classical Archaeology held in honor of Emeritus Professor A. D. Trendall, Reviewed by A. M. Devine

The Uses of Greek Mythology, Reviewed by John E. Rexine

Dangerous Voices: Women's Laments and Greek Literature, Reviewed by John E. Rexine

The Ulysses Theme: A Study in the Adaptability of a Traditional Hero, Reviewed by John E. Rexine

Barbarians and Romans. The Birth Struggle of Europe, A.D. 400-700, Reviewed by Philip J. Smith

Enemies of the Roman Order. Treason, Unrest, and Alienation in the Empire, Reviewed by Philip J. Smith

The City in Late Antiquity, Reviewed by R. M. Frakes


Vol. XXV Alexander the Great, VIII 1 1994



William Greenwalt A Solar Dionysus and Argead Legitimacy 3-8

Elias Kapetanopoulos Sirras 9-14

N. G. L. Hammond One or Two Passes at the Cilicia-Syria Border? 15-26

Paul T. Keyser The Use of Artillery by Philip II and Alexander the Great 27-59

J. Patrick Romane Alexander's Sieges of Miletus and Halicarnassus 61-76

Peter A. Manti The Macedonian Sarissa, Again 77-91

Richard Stoneman Romantic Ethnography: Central Asia and India in the Alexander Romance 93-107

M. C. J. Miller The `Porus' decadrachm of Alexander and the Founding of Bucephala 109-120

Notes and Discussions

A. N. Athanassakis The Eagle of Penelope's Dream 121-134

Book Reviews

The Morality of Happines, Reviewed by Erik Graff 135-136

The Triumviral Narratives of Appian and Cassius Dio, Reviewed by Julia S├╝nskes Thompson 137-138


Vol. XXV Philosophical and Historical Studies on Plutarch 2 1994



Mariano Baldassarri La difesa della provvidenza: nello scritto plutarcheo `De Sera numinis vindicta' 147-158

D. Thomas Benediktson Plutarch on the Epilepsy of Julius Caesar 159-164

Yvonne Verni├Ęre Plutarque et les femmes 165-169

Maria Cannat├  Fera Plutarcho e la `Consolatio ad Apollonium' 171-189

John M. Marincola Plutarch's Refutation of Herodotus 191-203

Charles D. Hamilton Plutarch and Xenophon on Agesilaus 205-212

A. G. Nikolaidis Plutarch's Contradictions 213-222

A. P├ęrez Jim├ęnez Plutarch on the Irresponsibilities of Aegeus 223-231

G. W. M. Harrison Plutarch's Influence on Neo-Greek 233-235

Book Reviews

A Commentary on the Aristotelian `Athenaion Politeia', Reviewed by James G. DeVoto 237-240

Bisexuality in the Ancient World, Reviewed by Erik Graff 240-241

Early Physics and Astronomy 241

The Morality of Happines 242-243

The School of Hellas, Reviewed by Louis A. Okin 243-244


Vol. XXVI Rome and the Provinces 1 1995



Charles Odahl The Christian Basilicas of Constantinian Rome 3-28

Pierre F. Cagniart Strategy and Politics in Caesar's Spanish Campaign, 49 B.C.: Variation on a Theme by Clausewitz 29-44

Harold W. Bird Some Late Roman Perspectives on the Republican period 45-50

Leonard A. Curchin Roman Army Recruitment in Central Spain: An Untapped Archive from the District of Lara 51-58

John Hutchins Scythopolis (Beth-Shean): at the crossroads of antiquity 59-65

William J. Cherf Geography and Topography: Valuable Sources for the History of a Late Roman Frontier 67-78

William D. Burgess, Jr. Isauria and the Notitia Dignitatum 79-88

Hans A. Pohlsander The Date of the Bellum Cibalense: A Re-Examination 89-101

Book Reviews

From Mycenae to Constantinople: The Evolution of the Ancient City, Reviewed by Uwe Walter 103-104

Myth, Ethos, and Actuality. Official Art in Fifth Century Athens, Reviewed by Uwe Walter 105-106

Ancient Concepts of Philosophy, Reviewed by Erik Graff 106-107

Plato and Postmodernism, Reviewed by Erik Graff 107-108

Ivory and Related Materials, an illustradted guide, Reviewed by John M. Fossey 108-109

Alexander to Actium: the Hellenistic Age, Reviewed by A. M. Devine 109-112

Style and Society in Dark Age Greece- The Changing Face of a Preliterate Society, 1100-700 BC, Reviewed by Lawrence A. Tritle 113-115


Vol. XXVI Mystery Cults in Late Antiquity 2 1995



John F. Finamore Platonism, Paganism, and Judaism: Borrowings and Evolutions 123-125

Lester J. Ness Astrology and Judaism in Late Antiquity 126-133

Jay Bregman Judaism as Theurgy in the Religious Thought of the Emperor Julian 135-149

Robert M. Berchman Arcana Mundi: Prophecy and Divination in the Vita Mosis of Philo of Alexandria 150-179

Christopher G. Brown Mediators of the Divine 180-181

Susan Guettel Cole Women, Dogs, and Flies 182-191

Noel Robertson The Magic Properties of Female Age-groups in Greek Ritual 193-203

Bonnie C. MacLachlan Love, War and the Goddess in Fifth-Century Locri 205-223

Emmet Robbins Sappho, Aphrodite, and the Muses 225-239

Review Articles and Book Reviews

Jesus the Man: A New Interpretation from the Dead Sea Scrolls, Reviewed by A. M. Devine 240-246

Achilles in Vietnam, Reviewed by Lawrence J. Tritle 247-257

Images, Power, and Politics: Figurative Aspects of Esarhaddon's Babylonian Policy, Reviewed by D. T. Potts 258

Christianity and Classical Culture: The Metamorphosis of Natural Theology in the Christian Encounter with Hellenism, Reviewed by Charles M. Odahl 258-259

Foucault's Virginity: Ancient Erotic Fiction and the History of Sexuality, Reviewed by Erik Graff 259

Lending and Borrowing in Ancient Athens, Reviewed by Lawrence A. Tritle 259-261

The Limits of Empire: The Roman Army in the East, rev. ed., Reviewed by Philip J. Smith 261-262


XXVII Coins, Cults, History & Inscriptions III: Studies in Honor of Al. N. Oikonomides I 1 1996



M. C. J. Miller List of Publications iii-xx

Judith M. Remer-Miller In Memoriam 1-2

Sara Mandell Number Mystical Representations of Creation and Destruction: Cross Cultural Influences 3-19

Stanley M. Burstein Greek Contact with Egypt and the Levant: Ca. 1600-500 BC. An Overview 20-28

Winthrop Lindsay Adams In the Wake of Alexander the Great: The Impact of Conquest on the Aegean World 29-37

Jack Cargill The Decree of Aristoteles: Some Epigraphical Details 39-51

Albert M. Devine The Short Sarissa Again 52-53

Frank J. Frost Akakallis, a Divinity from Western Crete 54-58

Janice J. Gabbert The Career of Olympiodorus of Athens (ca. 340-270 BC) 59-66

N. G. L. Hammond The early history of Macedonia 67-71

Frank L. Holt Eukratides of Baktria 72-76

Kenneth F. Kitchell, Jr. Did Zeus Destroy the "House of Tiles"? 77-80

Elias Kapetanopoulos Philip II's Assassination and Funeral 81-87

A. E. Raubitschek ╬Ÿ╬Ę╬Ÿ╬ 89-94

George J. Szemler Two Notes on the Corinthian War 95-104

eview Articles and Book Reviews

J.H. Hexter, The Judaeo-Christian Tradition, Reviewed by Erik Graff 105

Olga Kryszkowska, Ivory and Related Materials, an illustrated guide, Reviewed by John M. Fossey 105-106


Vol. XXVII Coins, Cults, History & Inscriptions IV: Studies in Honor of Al. N. Oikonomides II 2 1996



Apostolos N. Athanassakis Glimpses of Modern Greek Cosmography in Hesiod: Soul and Space 115-130

Anthony J. Podlecki Had the Antiope of Euripides Political Overtones? 131-146

Charles D. Hamilton The Ideology of Spartan Conservatism 147-155

Eleftherios C. Drakopoulos A Previously Unpublished Seal-Ring From Ptolemaic Egypt: Heraklean Iconography of Engraved Gems and Rings 156-157

John M. Fossey The Proxenia Decrees of the Aitolian Federation 158-167

Duane W. Roller Euripedes, Ennius, and Roman Origins 168-171

Phyllis Culham Fraud, Fakery and Forgery: The Limits of Roman Information Technology 172-183

Peter Karavites Melito of Sardes, A Note on His Influence 184-190

J. A. S. Evans The Monophysite Persecution: The Eastern View 191-196

Kenneth W. Harl Coins in Taxes and Markets of the Roman World 197-204

James G. Kennan George Sphrantzes: A Brief View 205-211

M. C. J. Miller Greek Scholars and Educators of the 17th and 18th Centuries 212-230

Review Articles and Book Reviews

N. G. L. Hammond, Sources for Alexander the Great: An Analysis of Plutarch's Life and Arrian's Anabasis Alexandrou, Reviewed by A. M. Devine 231-235

James A. Francis, Subversive Virtue: Asceticism and Authority in the Second-Century Pagan World, Reviewed by A. M. Devine 235-238

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Flavio Raviola, Napoli Origini, Reviewed by James G. DeVoto 241-243

Harry Y. Gamble, Books and Readers in the Early Church: A History of Early Christian Texts, Reviewed by Charles Odahl 243

Heinz Heinen, Fr├╝christliches Trier: Von den Anf├Ąngen bis zur Volkerwanderung, Reviewed by Hans A. Pohlsander 243-245

Fik Meijer and Onno van Nijf, Trade, Transport and Society in the Ancient World: a sourcebook, Reviewed by John M. Fossey 245-246

Signe Isager and Jens Erik Skysgaard, Ancient Greek Agriculture: an introduction, Reviewed by John M. Fossey 246-247

Andrea Wilson Nightingale, Genres in dialogue: Plato and the construct of philosophy, Reviewed by Erik Graff 247


Vol. XXVIII Art & Literature in Antiquity 1 1997



Maud R. Webster An Early History of Sardinia 1000 BC-AD 1000: Literary and Epigraphical Evidence 3-23

Ross Saunders Ancient Greek Temple Orientation: A Suggestion 25-29

Jennifer J. Harper The Swing Painter: Innovative or Accident Prone? A Study of the Evidence on a Black-Figured Amphora 31-40

N. G. L. Hammond The Lakes on the lower Strymon and Mt. Dionysus 41-46

M. C. J. Miller Alexander the Great in Munich and Athens 47-50

Ross Saunders The Identity of ╬‘¤╬╣¤ƒ¤„o ... ... (I Eph. 202) 51-54

T. F. Morris Why is Socrates All There in the Present: (Apology 28a-29b) 55-65

Frank J. Yartz Aristotle on Monsters 67-72

Jeffery M. J. Murphy Hubris and Superbia:Differing Greek and Roman Attitudes Concerning Arrogant Pride 73-81

Ron Newbold Nonverbal Communication in Early Christian Hagiography 83-94

Review Articles and Book Reviews

James Whitley, Style and Society in Dark Age Greece - The Changing Face of Preliterate Society 1100-700 BC, Reviewed by Lawrence A. Tritle 95-97

J. Lesley Fitton, The Discovery of the Greek Bronze Age, Reviewed by Paul Rehak 97-98

J. T. Ramsey and A. L. Licht, The Comet of 44BC and Caesar's Funeral Games, Reviewed by James G. DeVoto 98-101

Brian Stock, Augustine the Reader: Meditation, Self-Knowledge, and the Ethics of Interpretation, Reviewed by Erik Graff 102-103


Vol. XXVIII Warfare in Antiquity, II 2 1997



Peter Karavites Macedonian Pragmatism and the Persian Wars 119-126

Robert D. Luginbill Thucydides' Evaluation of the Sicilian Expedition: 2.65.11 127-132

G. G. Aperghis Alexander's Hipparchies 133-148

Robert L. Dise, Jr. The Recruitment and Assignment of "Beneficiarii Consularis" in the Danube Provinces 149-166

Clifford E. Minor Reclassifying the Bacaudae: Some Reasons for Caution Part I: Who were the Third Century Bacaudae?) 167-183

B. H. McClean The Inscriptions of Caesarea and their Relation to the Physical Remains of the City: (Part I: The Ancient City and its Harbor) 184-216

Review Articles and Book Reviews

Paul Millet, Lending and Borrowing in Ancient Athens, Reviewed by Lawrence A. Tritle 217-219

Rowland Smith, Julian's Gods: Religion and Philosophy in the Thought and Action of Julian the Apostate, Reviewed by Hans A. Pohlsander 219-221

Michael Grant, The Antonines, The Roman Empire in Transition, Reviewed by Charles M. Odahl 221-222

Michael Grant, Art in the Roman Empire, Reviewed by Charles M. Odahl 222-223

Sam Smiles, The Image of Antiquity: Ancient Britain and the Romantic Imagination, Reviewed by Erik Graff 223-224

Peter Bentley, The Dictionary of World Myth, Reviewed by Erik Graff 224

Andrea Wilson Nightingale, Genres in dialogue: Plato and the construct of philosophy, Reviewed by Erik Graff 225

Robin Sowerby, The Greeks: An Introduction to their culture, Reviewed by Erik Graff 225-226

Andrew Dalby, Siren Feasts: A History of Food and Gastronomy in Greece, Reviewed by Erik Graff 226


Vol. XXIX Ancient Life & Leisure I 1 1998



Martha L. Edwards Women and Physical Disability in Ancient Greece 3-9

T. Davina McClain Redeeming Fabia: Sisters and Honor in Livy 10-18

John Rundin The Vegetarianism of Empedocles in its Historical Context 19-36

Francis M. Dunn The Uses of Time in Fifth Century Athens 37-52

T. F. Morris The Opening Section of the "Apology" 53-61

Notes and Discussions

Erik Graff If Salt Saltless Becomes 62-69

Stephen J. Simon Men of Greek Culture in the Greater Roman Priesthoods 71-73

Review Article

N. G. L. Hammond, The Genius of Alexander the Great Reviewed by A. M. Devine74-76

Book Reviews

James G. DeVoto, Flavius Arrianus: TECHNE TAKTIKA and ╬•╬š╬Ą╬‘╬žI╬ú
╬š╬‘╬Ą╬‘ '╬‘╬›╬‘╬╬ę╬
Reviewed by A. M. Devine 77-80

P. J. Rhodes, D. M. Lewis: Selected papers in Greek and Near Eastern History, Reviewed by James G. DeVoto 80-83

Erik Graff, Sage, Saint and Sophist, Reviewed by Graham Anderson 83-85


Vol. XXIX Ancient Life & Leisure II 2 1998



Ruth Majercik The Chaldean Oracles and the School of Plotinus 91-105

John F. Finamore Plotinus, Psellus, and the Chaldean Oracles: A Reply to Majercik 107-110

Sara Rappe Damascius' Skeptical Affiliations 111-125

Jay Bregman Julian the Byzantine and Synesius the Hellene 127-138

Michael R. Molnar Greek Astrology as a Source of the Messianic Portent 139-150

Frank J. Yartz The Importance of Theophrastus' Metaphysics 151-160

Notes and Discussions

Hildegard Weincke-Lotz "On the Length of the Reigns of the Sumerian Kings" 161-173

Book Reviews

Michael Grant, From Rome to Byzantium: The Fifth Century AD, 174-175 Reviewed by Hans A. Pohlsander

Stephen Williams, Diocletian and the Roman Recovery, Reviewed by Charles Odahl 175-176


Vol. XXX Cults, Coins, History & Inscriptions V 1 1999



Bradley H. McLean The Inscriptions of Caesarea and Their Relation to the Physical Remains of the City 3-28

Clifford E. Minor Reclassifying the Bacaudae: Some Reasons for Caution.Part II. The Fourth Century Interim (286-407)29-43

Borimir Jordan Archilochus, Fragment 22 (Campbell) - A Suggestion 45-46

T. F. Morris How Crito Ruins His Soul 47-58

R. Quick and Steven J. Simon Wheat Production and the Romanization of Northern Gaul 59-62

Ross Saunders Corinth *68: Another Interpretation 63-64

Book Reviews

Charles Penglase, Greek Myths and Mesopotamia: Parallels and Influence in the Homeric Hymns and Hesiod, Reviewed by Erik Graff 79-80

M. S. Lane, Method and Politics in Plato's Statesman, Reviewed by Frank J. Yartz 81-83

Jon D. Mikalson, Religion in Hellenistic Athens, Reviewed by Erik Graff 83-84

C. D. C. Reeve, Practices of Reason, Reviewed by Erik Graff 84-85

Erik Graff, Projecting the Past: Ancient Rome, Cinema and History, Reviewed by Maria Wyke 86-87


Vol. XXX Alexander the Great IX 2 1999



N. G. L. Hammond, Heroic and Divine Honors in Macedonia Before the Successors 103-115

Elias Kapetanopoulos, Alexander's Patrius sermo in the Philotas Affair 117-128

William P. Guthrie, Persian Armey Strengths in Arrian-Ptolemy 129-132

Frank J. Frost, Solon and Salamis, Peisistratos and Nisaia 133-139

Tom Stevenson, The Death of Penthesilea by Exekias: A New Look at BMC Vases B210 141-153

Nancy B. Reed, Ancient Rut Roads and Their Modern Descendants 155-161



The Dance of Hippocleides: a Festschrift for Frank J. Frost (guest editors: R. M. Frakes and David L. Toye)

1 2000



R. M. Frakes and David L. Toye Preface 3-4

Apostolos N. Athanassakis The Pelêades of Alcman's Partheneion and Modern Greek Poulia 5-14

Jon Christian Billigmeier Near Eastern Loanwords in Mycenaean Greek 15-21

Eugene Borza and Jeanne Reames Zimmerman Some New Thoughts on the Death of Alexander the Great 22-30

Stanley M. Burstein Exploration and Ethnography in Ptolemaic Egypt 31-37

H. A. Drake Why Dido? 38-47

R. M. Frakes Some Thoughts on the Length of the Lost Books of Ammianus 48-53

Elpida Hadjidaki and H. Iniotakis Hellenistic Ceramics from Phalasarna found from 1986-1990 54-73

Notes and Discussion

Clifford E. Minor Reclassifying the Bacaudae. Some Reasons for Caution. Part III. Ghost Bacaudae: The Britannian and Amorican Rebellions (ca. 408-17) 74-95

Frank J. Yartz Plato on Music and the Musician 96-103


Vol. XXXI The Dance of Hippocleides: a Festschrift for Frank J. Frost (guest editors: R. M. Frakes and David L. Toye) 2 2000



Victor Hanson The Classical Greek Warrior and the Egalitarian Military Ethos 111-126

Charles W. Hedrick, Jr. For Anyone Who Wishes To See 127-135

M. C. J. Miller The Golden Doors of The Palace of Alkinous 136-139

William S. Morison Attic Gymnasia and Palastrai: Public or Private? 140-143

Robert Renehan Further Thoughts on a Sallustian Literary Device 144-147

Sherill L. Spaar What was the Orbis Terrarum in Augustan Ideology? 148-162

Philip A. Stadter The Ruler's Virtue and the Empire: Cyrus the Great and Tiberius 163-172

David L. Toye Plutarch on Poetry, Prose, and Politeia 173-181

Notes and Discussion

Derek R. Smith Nero's Equestrian Interpretation of Virgil 183-196

Book Reviews

Michael Grant, The Collapse and Recovery of the Roman Empire Reviewed by Has A. Pohlsander, Review of 197-198


Vol. XXXII Mystery Religions and Philosophy of Late Antiquity 1 2001



John Dillon Iamblichus on the Personal Daemon 3-9

Radcliffe Edmonds Did the Mithraists Inhale? 10-24

Peter Struck Pagan and Christian Theurgies 25-38

Gretchen Reydams-Schils Socrates' Request: Timaeus 19B-20C in the Platonist Tradition 39-51

Jan Opsomer Who in Heaven is the Demiurge? Proclus' exegesis of Plato Tim. 28C3-5 52-70

Peter Lautner Can Self-Reflection be a generative principle? Atticus and Porphry on Timaeus 37B3-6 71-84

T. F. Morris Plato's Apology on How Socrates Differs From the Sophists 85-98

Notes and Discussion

Sheila L. Ager 4th Century Thera and the Second Athenian Sea League 99-119

Book Reviews 120-128

Nancy B Reed, More Than Just a Game: The Military Nature of Greek Athletic Contests Reviewed by Gregory Anderson

Carol Thomas and Craig Conant, The Atlantic Celts: Ancient People or Modern Invention? by Simon James Celebrating Homer's Landscapes: Troy and Ithaca Revisited by J V Luce Abbreviations in Latin by M C J Miller Citadel to City-State: The Transformation of Greece, 1200-700 BCE Reviewed by A. M. Devine

Kathryn A Morgan, Myth and Philosophy From the Presocratics to Plato Reviewed by Frank J Yartz


Vol. XXXII Coins, Cults, History and Inscriptions V 2 2001



Preface by John M. Fossey 135-136

List of Abbreviations 137-138

John M. Fossey Theophoric Names in Central Greece and a Particular Case 139-146

Laurent Bricault P├ęn├ętration et implantation des cultes isiaques en Gr├Ęce centrale 147-152

Michael Arnush Sanctuary of Apollon at Delphoi 153-163

L├ęopold Migeotte Les concours d'Aktion en Acarnanie: organization financiere et fiscale 164-170

John M. Fossey Ithaka and Magnesia-on-the-Maiandros 171-181

Kent J. Rigsby Northwestern Greece and the Subscriptions in the Magnesia Archive of 208 B.C. 183-189

Patrick Baker Quelques Remarques sur des Institutions Militaires les Cit├ęs Thessalie ├  l'├ępoque hellenistique 191-206

Ga├ętan Th├ęriault Une f├ęte des euerg├Ętes en Mac├ędoine 207-213

Ô€  Anthony E. Raubitschek The `Son of God': Augustus, Jesus 215-216

Notes and Discussions

Jack Cargill An Homage to Cavafy 217-231

Book Reviews

Margaret R. Miles, Plotinus on Body and Beauty Reviewed by Frank J. Yartz 233-235


Vol. XXXIII Philosophy and Religion in Late Antiquity 1 2002



Florin Curta Language, ╬•╬Şv╬Ě, and National Gods: A Note on Julian's Concept of Hellenism 3-19

Michael Meckler The Jerry Springerization of Late Antiquity 21-25

John F. Shean Christian Literature and the Ancient Historian: A Broader Perspective on Late Antiquity 27-35

Walter E. Kaegi Commentary 37-44

Joel T. Walker The Limits of Late Antiquity: Philosophy between Rome and Iran 45-69

M. C. J. Miller A Lost Monument Containing a Summary of the Life of Proklos 71-77

Notes and Discussions

Frank J. Frost If the Trojan War Were an Olympic Event: A Scenario 79-80


Vol. XXXIII Rome and the Provinces II 2 2002



Brian K. Harvey Trajan's Restored Coinage and the Revival of the Memory of Caesar the Dictator 93-100

M. C. J. Miller An Unpublished Funerary Inscription from Roman Macedonia 101-104

Clifford E. Minor Reclassifying the Bacaudae. Some Reasons for Caution. Part IV. The 435-7 Bacaudae Revolt and the Barbarian Settlements of the 440s 105-125

David H. Sick An Indian Perspective on the Graeco-Roman Elephant 126-146

Steven J. Simon Some Concepts of Republican Virtue as Expressed by Valerius Maximus 147-152

James J. Stewart Who Was Present at Colchester in A.D. 43? 153-156

David Woods Did Caligula Plan to bridge the English Channel? 157-170

Book Reviews

Michael J. Angold The Bridge from Antiquity to the Middle Ages Reviewed by Hans A. Pohlsander 171-173

Edward James 173-180 Rhetoric at Rome: A Historical Survey revised with a new introduction by D.H. Berry by M. L. Clarke Britain in the First Millenium Reviewed by Philip I. Smith

Daniel Westberg Right Practical Reason, Aristotle, Action, and Prudence in Aquinas Reviewed by Frank J. Yartz180-182


Vol. XXXIV Mystery Religions and Philosophy of Late Antiquity II 1 2003



Georgia Irby-Massie The Bow and the Planetary Ladder: Not Missing the Mark in the Mithraic Tradition 5-11

Peter Karavites Morality and Expediency in Greek Inter-State Affairs 13-26

Paul Legutko The Letters of Dionysius: Alexandrian and Christian Identity in the mid-third century A.D. 27-41

T. F. Morris On Apology 30b3-4: From Virtue Comes Money and All Other Good Things for People 43-55

Svetla Slaveva-Griffin Literary Form and Philosophical Exegesis: Plotinus' Utilization of Plato's Cosmology 57-66

David Ulansey The Eighth Gate: The Mithraic Leontocephaline and the Platonic World-Soul 67-81

Frank J. Yartz Myth, Knowledge, and Homer 83-89

Notes and Discussions

John M. Fossey Phokion on a Funerary Lekythos? 91-92

Books Received 93-95

David H. Sick An Indian Perspective on the Graeco-Roman Elephant 96-109


Vol. XXIV The Hellenistic World 2 2003



Edward M. Anson Alexander and Siwah 117-130

William S. Greenwalt Archelaus the Philhellene 131-153

Elizabeth Laney Sobek and the Double Crown 155-168

C. Perry and A.A. Perry The Archery Trial in the Odyssey 169-195

Ross H. Saunders Rhetors at Corinth 197-210

Notes and Discussions

Thomas N. Winter A Mathematical Commentary on Xenophon Hellenika 2.1.25, 5.3.5 and Thucydides 3.2 211-214

Book Review

Lawrence A. Tritle (ed.), The Greek World in the Fourth Century: 215-220 From the fall of the Athenian Empire to the successors to Alexander; Reviewed by P. J. Smith


Vol. XXXV Late Antiquity: Rebels and Brigands 1 2004



Scott McDermott Epistola Christi ad Ultimum Terrae: The Confessio of St. Patrick3-38

Clifford E. Minor Reclassifying the Bacaudae: Part IV. The 435-7 Bacaudae Revolt and the Barbarian Settlements of the 440s 39-63

Clifford E. Minor Reclassifying the Bacaudae: Part V. Germanus of Auxerre, Armorica, and the Bacaudae of the 440s. 65-91

Shawn A. Ross Interpreting the Brigantian Revolt 93-116

Notes and Discussions

Jack Cargill Death, War, Whimsey: More Poems on Ancient Themes 117-129

Book Review

Lorraine Smith Pangle, Aristotle and the Philosophy of Friendship Reviewed by Frank J. Yartz 130-132


Vol. XXXV Women's Roles in Antiquity: The Case of Greece and Rome 2 2004



Jacqueline Long Introduction 143-144

John W. I. Lee For there were many hetairai in the army: Women in Xenophon's Anabasis 145-165

Noreen Humble Reality and Ideology in the Representation of Women and War in Xenophon 166-183

Elizabeth Carney Women and Military Leadership in Macedonia 184-195

Geoffrey Sumi Civil War, Women and Spectacle in the Triumviral Period 196-206

Sara Elise Phang Intimate Conquests: Roman Soldiers' Slave Women and Freedwomen 207-237

Notes and Discussions

Colin M. Trottnow A Note on the Epigraphical and Numismatic Testimonia of Trajan Decius 238-242

Book Reviews 243-248

Cyprian Broodbank, An Island Archaeology of the Early Cyclades Reviewed by Anthony J. Papalas

Jose Maria Blázquez Martinez, Trajano Reviewed by Maria Hernández

David Sedley, ed. The Cambridge Companion to Greek and Roman Philosophy Reviewed by Frank J. Yartz


Vol. XXXVI Studies In Honor of John M. Fossey I 1-2 2005



Philip J. Smith Preface 3

John Bintliff Explorations in Boeotian Population History 5-17

Luisa Breglia The Amphictyony of Calaureia 18-33

Robert J. Buck Ismenias and Thrasybulus 34-43

Michael B. Cosmopoulos The Greek Tradition in India and the Formation of Gandharan Sculpture: Coinage and Classical Iconography 44-53

Laurence Darmezin and Athanasios Tziaphalias Deux Inscriptions In├ędites de P├ęlinna (Thessalie) 54-75

Photis Dassios Coastal Phocis Revisited 76-88

James G. DeVoto Two Megarian Colonies in Sicily 90-106

Slobodan Dusanic Theban Politics and the Socratic Dialogues 107-122

Jane E. Francis and George W. M. Harrison Fish and Ships 123-133

Ginette Gauvin Note: Fondations anciennes sur une colline surplombant le site fortifi├ę classique de Ay├şa Paraskev├ş, pres de Sophik├│n en Corinthie 134-145

Daniel Geagan Corinthian/Isthmian Three-Sided Steles146-155

Bruno Helly Le Thraskias ou "le vent dr Thrace" sur les c├┤tes de la Thessalie orientale 156-175

Karl Kilinski II 176-212

Saul Levin ╬ú╬ę╬Ž╬í╬ę╬ `firm-midrff(ed): An Ethical Term Rooted in Childhood Training 213-216

Book Reviews 217-222

C. Shapiro & P. Burian, Aeschylus, Oresteia (Erez Natanblut) Andrea W. Nightingale, Spectacles of Truth in Classical Greek Philosophy Reviewed by Frank J. Yartz


Vol. XXXVI Studies In Honor of John M. Fossey II 2 2005



Daniel Geagan Corinthian/Isthmian Three-Sided Steles 146-155

Bruno Helly Le Thraskias ou "le vent dr Thrace" sur les c├┤tes de la Thessalie orientale 156-175

Karl Kilinski II In Pursuit of the Boeotian Cantharus 176-212

Saul Levin ╬ú╬ę╬Ž╬í╬ę╬ `firm-midrff(ed): An Ethical Term Rooted in Childhood Training 213-216

Ginette Gauvin Note: Fondations anciennes sur une colline surplombantle site fortifi├ę classique de Ay├şa Paraskev├ş, pres de Sophik├│n en Corinthie 217-228

Hans B├Âker Per Grecos Operarios: The Reception of a Byzantine Building Type in Western Romanesque Architecture 229-246

Book Reviews 247-248

Karen Piepenbrink, Konstantin der Gro├Ÿe und seine Zeit Reviewed by Hans A. Pohlsander


Vol. XXXVII Coins, Cults, History and Inscriptions VII; Studies in Honor of John M. Fossey III 1 2006



Giuseppe Mafodda Tebe dalla dynasteia oligon andron alla oligarchia isonomos 3-13

Leopold Migeotte Le financement des concours dans la B├ęotie hell├ęnistique 14-25

Jacques Morin Delenda Perachora Erat? Vouliagm├ęni-Perakh├│ra and site-formation at the end of the Early Helladic II period 26-36

Jos├ę Pascual Gonz├ílez Poleis and Confederacy in Boiotia in the early Fourth century BC 37-60

Adamantios Sampson The Sarakenos Cave and the Palaeoenvironment in the Copais Basin, Central Greece 61-75

Philip J. Smith Megara and her Colonies: what could the metropolis have exported to the colonies? 76-80

Book Reviews 81-83

David Sedley, Plato's Cratylus Reviewed by Frank J. Yartz


Vol. XXXVII Coins, Cults, History and Inscriptions VII; Studies in Honor of John M. Fossey IV
2 2006



M. C. J. Miller A Preliminary Report on Recent Numismatic Finds at Argos 95-107

Guy M. Rogers The Gerousia of Arsinoeia/Ephesus and the celebration of the mysteries of Artemis 108-114

Duane W. Roller The West African Voyage of Hanno the Carthaginian 115-125

Pierre Salmon Coutumes et proc├ęd├ęs de divination des Africains chez Pline l'Ancien et Pomponius Mela 126-139

Alexios G. C. Savvides Notes on Byzantine-Norman Relations in the Period Prior to the Norman Invasions (till AD 1081) in the Copais Basin, Central Greece 140-152

Marta Sordi "Se Atene fosse un'isola..." un adynation fra Tucidide e l'Athenaion Politeia 153-156

Frank R. Trombley Autochthons and Barbarians in Early Medieval Greece: Identity and Symbiosis 157-178

El├ęni P Zo├»topo├║lou ╬ av ╬┤╬Á ╬│╬ş╬╗¤‰¤„╬▒ ╬║╬▒i ╬Áu¤†o¤v╬Ěv: SEG 1 248, line 17 179-196



Vol. XXXVIII A Classical Miscellany 1 2007



Introduction by John M. Fossey 3

Robert D. Luginbill The Route of the Peloponnesian Fleet to Pylos in 425. 5-14

David Lush Body armour in the phalanx of Alexander's army. 15-37

Clifford E. Minor Reclassifying the Bacaudae. Some Reasons for Caution. Part VI: The Gaullic Bacaudae of the 440's. The Flight of Eudoxius. 39-56

John M. Fossey The Passion according to Sophokles of Kolonos. 57-65


Anthony J. Palalas Theagenes and the Slaughter of the Livestock. 67-68

Book Reviews

Pat Getz-Gentle, Personal Styles in Early Cycladic Sculpture 69-71

Cities of Paul: Images and Interpretations from the Harvard New Testament Archaeology Project. Edited by Helmut Koester. Reviewed by Richard S. Ascough 71-74

Adrian Murdoch. Rome's Greatest Defeat: Massacre in the Teutoburg Forest. Reviewed by Hans A. Pohlsander 74-76

Vol. XXXVIII A Classical Miscellany II 2 2007



James G. DeVoto Archaeological Itineraries, Part I: The Ionian (E) Coast 89-108

M. C. J. Miller A Note on the Boiotian Constitution and P. Oxy.842 109-117

Charles M. Odahl Christian Minters at Constantinian Arles 119-135

M. C. J. Miller The Athenians Vote Honors for the Regicide Pausanias 137-142

Steven J. Simon The Battle of Teutoburg Forest 143-144

Book Reviews

Susan Collins, Aristotle and the Rediscovery of Citizenship Reviewed by James G DeVoto 145-150

Richard Bauckham, Jesus and the Eyewitnesses Reviewed by Charles M Odahl 150-151

Noel Lenski, The Cambridge Companion to the Age of Constantine Reviewed by Charles M Odahl 151-155

Stephen Makin, Aristotle Metaphysics Theta,Introduction, Translation and Commentary Reviewed by Frank J Yartz 155-158

Dominic Scott, Plato's Meno Reviewed by Frank J Yartz 158-162


Vol. XXXIX Art & Literature in Antiquity II 1 2008



J. A. Berardo Pietas as is Observed in the Father and Son Relationship of Anchises and Aeneas in Virgil's Aeneid 3-10

James G. DeVoto Archaeological Itineraries, Part II: Sicily (Syracuse) 11-35

Michael Eisman Towards a Definition of the Nikosthenic Workshop 37-54

M. C. J. Miller Antimachos Nikephoros: A New Alexander ? 55-62

Hans A. Pohlsander The Battle of Teutoburg Forest: A Response 63-64

Book Reviews

Richard Bradley, The Prehistory of Britain and Ireland Reviewed by Karen Wadley 65-66

John R Hinnels, A Handbook of Ancient Religions Reviewed by Joseph M Kurth 66-71

Jaclyn L. Maxwell, Christianization and Communication in Late Antiquity John Chrysostom and His Congregation in Antioch Reviewed by Charles M Odahl 71-73

Andrea Rotloff, St├Ąker als M├Ąnner und tapfere als Ritter. Pilgerinnen in Sp├Ątantike und Mittelalter Reviewed by Hans A Pohlsander 73-75

Peter Sarris, Economy and Society in the Age of Justinian Reviewed by Garrett Fitts 76-77

Everett Nicholas, Literacy in Lombard Italy Reviewed by Colin Trottnow 77-79

Raymond Van Dam, The Roman Revolution of Constantine Reviewed by Hans A Pohlsander 80-85


Vol. XXXIX Greek and Roman Studies 2 2008



TammyJo Eckhart Woman as Slave Owner in Ancient Greece: Power and Economics on an Individual Level97-107

Jason Hawke The City City Eleusinion and the Kalliad Kerykes108-124

Julia Langford Speaking Out of Turn(us): Subverting Severan construction of ethnicity, masculinity and felicitas 125-150

Walter Roberts Reconceptualizing Notions of Imperial Power in the Later Roman Empire: Basil of Caesarea and Valens 162-173

Book Reviews 174-195

Sandra Blakely, Myth, Ritual and Metallurgy in Ancient Greece and Recent Africa Reviewed by Anthony J. Papalas

Edward Grant, A History of Natural Philosophy from the Ancient World to the Nineteenth Century Reviewed by Frank J. Yartz

Rebecca Langlands, Sexual Morality in Ancient Rome Reviewed by James G. DeVoto

Robin Osborne and Barry Cunliffe (edd.), Mediterranean Urbanization 800-600 BC Reviewed by Kasey L Reed

Dominic Scott, Plato's Meno Reviewed by Frank J. Yartz


Vol. XL Roman Bronzes of Cartoceto: Proceedings of the colloquium, 1st November 2007, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts 1 2009



Preface 5-6

Introduction by John M. Fossey 7-14

Hans Beck and Michael Fronda The Cartoceto Group: from Enigma to Orthodoxy 15-41

Antonia Holden and Jane Francis The Females of the Cartoceto Group and the Development of Female Portraiture in the Late Republic 43-59

George W.M. Harrison Realism, Representation, Zeitgesicht in the Cartoceto Bronzes 61-68

Beaudoin Caron Remarques sur le groupe statuaire suite aux communications 69-71

George Kellaris Re reading the readings: further questions 72-76


1. Jane Francis A Republican Style Gentleman in Montreal 77-84

2. John M. Fossey A Portrait of Alexander Severus 85-87

3. John M. Fossey A Bust of Dionysos and the Phalerae 88-90

Book Reviews 91-103

Paul Stern, Knowledge and Politics in Plato's Theatetus (Frank J. Yartz) S. F. Andersen, The Tylos Period Burials in Bahrein Volume I. The Glass and Pottery Vessels. Reviewed by Beaudoin Caron

Jonathan Gottschall, The Rape of Troy: Evolution, Violence, and the World of Homer, Reviewed by J. A. Berardo

Hedley Swain, An Introduction to Museum Archaeology, Reviewed by Anjanette M. Kalb

Neville Morley, Trade in Classical Antiquity, Reviewed by Kasey L. Reed


Vol. XL General Topics 2 2009



Charles M. Odahl Christian Symbolisn on Constantinian Coinage 117-147

Michael D. Blodgett The Gallic Campaign of 451 AD: Huns, Romans and Visigoths in Gaul 148-163

Lauren A. M. Hammersen Via Raetia: A Roman Road in the Alps 164-185

M. C. J. Miller Julius Paris on the Expulsion of the Jews from Rome in 139 BC 186-198

Book Reviews

Olga Palaia (ed.), Greek Sculpture: Function, Materials, and Techniques in the Archaic and Classical Periods Reviewed by Erik Graff 199-200

H. A. Shapiro, The Cambridge Companion to Archaic Greece Reviewed by James G. DeVoto 200-207

Kostas Vlassopoulos, Unthinking the Greek Polis Reviewed by James G. DeVoto) 207-215

Nicholas Ostler, Ad Infinitum, A Biography of Latin Reviewed by Frank J. Yartz) 215-221

Clemente Marconi, Temple Decoration and Cultural Identity in the Archaic Greek World Reviewed by James G. DeVoto) 221-225

Beate Dignas and Engelbert Winter, Rome and Persia in Late Antiquity: Neighbours and Rivals Reviewed by Charles Matson Odahl 226-227


Vol. XLI General Topics 1 2010



William K. Martin On the Death of Thucydides 3-10

M. C. J. Miller Mantitheos and the Dokimasia (Lysias, XVI) 11-16

T. F. Morris The Socratic Method Versus the Method of Long Speeches in Book I of the Republic 19 42

Daniel Silvermintz Ousting Cephalus: The Role of the Foreigner in Plato's Republic 43-55

M. C. J. MillerA Sestertius of Gaius 56-62

Book Reviews

Glen W. Bowersock, From Gibbon to Auden: Essays on the Classical Tradition Reviewed by Erik Graff 66

Paul Cartledge, Ancient Greece: A History of Eleven Cities Reviewed by James G. DeVoto 66-67

Ann C. Gunter, Greek Art and the Orient Reviewed by Erik Graff 67-68

Suzanne W. Henderson, Christology and Discipleship on the Gospel of Mark Reviewed by C. M. Trottnow 68-72

Simon Hornblower, Thucydides and Pindar Reviewed by James G. DeVoto 72-80

Robin Osborne, ed., The World of Athens: An Introduction to Classical Athenian Culture Reviewed by Erik Graff 80-81

Andrew Barker, The Science of Harmonics in Classical Greece Reviewed by Frank Yartz 81-85

Adriaan Lanni, Law and Justice in the Courts of Classical Athens Reviewed by Erik Graff 85-86

H. E. M. Cool, Eating and Drinking in Roman Britain Reviewed by K. Wadley 86-88

Benedict Lowe, Roman Iberia: Economy, Society and Culture Reviewed by K. L. Reed 88-90


Vol. XLI General Topics 2 2010



James G. DeVoto The Principal Archaeological Sites of Latium Adiectum 101-114

Clifford E. Minor Reclassifying the Bacaudae. Some Reasons for Caution Part VII. Salvian and the Bacaudae 115-143

Hans A. Pohlsander Varusschlacht: A Review Article. 144-150

M. C. J. Miller A Misidentified Coin of Soloeis/Solous 151-154

Notes and Discussions

Stewart E. Brekke The Hagia Triada Sarcophagus: Egyptian Influence in Minoan-Mycenaean Religion 155-167

Book Reviews

duBois, Page, Slavery: Antiquity and Its Legacy Reviewed by Erik Graff 168

Finn, Richard, Asceticism in the Graeco-Roman World Reviewed by Erik Graff 169

Johnson, William A., Readers and Reading Culture in the High Roman Empire Reviewed by Erik Graff 170

Oleson, J. P. (ed.), The Oxford Handbook of Engineering and Technology in the Classical World Reviewed by James G DeVoto 170-186

Ostwald, Martin, Language and History in Ancient Greek Culture Reviewed by Robert J Buck 187

Polansky, Ronald, Aristotle's De Anima Reviewed by Frank J Yartz 187-193

Raaflaub, Kurt, et al., Origins of Democracy in Ancient Greece Reviewed by Robert J Buck 193-194

Stallibrass, Sue and Richard Thomas, (edd.), Feeding the Roman Army: The Archaeology of Production and Supply in NW Europe Reviewed by Michael Fronda 194-196

Trow, Stephen et al., Research and Excavation at Ditches `Hillfort' and Villa1984-2006 Reviewed by Anthony A Barrett 197-198

van Dommnelen, Peter and Carlos Bellard, Rural Landscapes of the Punic World Reviewed by Duane W Roller 198-199

Vlassopoulos, Kostas, Politics: Antiquity and Its Legacy Reviewed by Erik Graff 200-201

Williams, Michael, Authorised Lives in Early Christian Biography Between Eusebius and Augustine Reviewed by Erik Graff 201-202

Winkler, Martin M, Cinema and Classical Texts: Apollo's New Light Reviewed by Erik Graff 203


Vol. XLII General Topics 1 2011


T. F. Morris The Speech of the Personified Laws in the Crito 3-23

Isabelle Pafford Madness, Self-Mutilation and the Body Politic in Herodotus 24-33

Randall Stewart Did Greek and Roman Soldiers `Aim High'? Toward a Psychological profile of Combat Soldiers, Ancient and Modern 34-51

M. C. J. Miller Along the Coast of Ancient Spain: The Ancient Greek Colonies and a Lacuna in Strabo 51-63

Michael M. Eisman Lydos and Company 64-92

Book Reviews

Edward Bispham, From Ausculum to Actium Reviewed by James G DeVoto 93-99

John R. Clarke, Looking at Laughter: Humor, Power and Transgression in Roman Visual Culture, 100 B.C.-A.D. 250 Reviewed by Erik Graff 99-101

Kim Lawrence, Homer bewteen History and Fiction in Imperial Greek Literature Reviewed by James G. DeVoto 101-108

William L. Leadbetter, Galerius and the Will of Diocletian Reviewed by Hans A. Pohlsander 108-112

Volker L. Menze, Justinian and the Making of the Syrian Orthodox Church Reviewed by Charles M. Odahl 112-114

Robert O. O'Connell, The Ghosts of Cannae: Hannibal and the Darkest Hour of the Roman Republic Reviewed by Erik Graff 114-115

Charles M. Odahl, Cicero and the Catilinarian Conspiracy Reviewed by Joseph Kurth 115-117

Louise Revell, Roman Imperialism and Local Identities, Reviewed by Karen Wadley 117-118

Rickless, Samuel C., Plato's Forms in Transition Reviewed by Frank J. Yartz 118-121

Paul Stephenson, Constantine: Roman Emperor, Christian Victor Reviewed by Hans A Pohlsander 121-125

David Wengrow, What Makes Civilization? The Ancient Near East & the Future of the West Reviewed by Erik Graff 125-126

Vol. XLII Alexander the Great X 2 2011


Carol G. Thomas Introduction 135

Lee L. Brice Philip II, Alexander the Great, and the Question of a Macedonian "Revolution in Military Affairs" 137-147

William S. Greenwalt Royal Charisma and the Evolution of Macedonia During the Reigns of Philip and Alexander 148-156

David J. Lunt Chasing the Fleet-footed Hero: Alexander at the Tomb of Achilles Colonies 157-165

Fred Naiden Alexander the Great as a Religious Leader 166-179

Daniel Ogden Alexander the Great and Macedonian Foundation Myths 180-210

Isabelle Pafford Amyntas son of Perdikkas, King of the Macedonians, at the Sanctuary of Troponios at Lebadeia 211-222

Notes and Discussions

Stephanie Budin Stand Alone Complex and the Problem of Ancient History 223-244

Book Reviews

Angeliki Andreiomenou, Tanagra (John M. Fossey) 245-247

Jean Bingen, Hellenistic Egypt: Monarchy, Society, Economy, Culture (Jitse Dijkstra) 247-250

Mark Bradley, The Classics and Imperialism in the British Empire (Erik Graff) 250-252

Allen Brent, Cyprian and Roman Carthage (Hans A. Pohlsander) 252-257

Stephan Dando-Collins, The Great Fire of Rome: The Fall of the Emperor Nero and his City (Erik Graff) 257-258

Esther Eidinow, Luck, Faye, and Fortune (Erik Graff) 258

Garrett G. Fagan, The Lure of the Arena: Social Psychology and the Crowd at the Roman Games (Erik Graff) 259

Gary B. Ferngren, Medicine and Health Care in Early Christianity (Charles M. Odahl) 260-262

Shelley Hales and Tamar Hodos (edd.), Material Culture and Social Identities in the Ancient World (Karen Wadley) 263-265

Nina A. Lejpunskaya, The Lower City of Olbia (Duane Roller) 265-266

Philip Sabin, Lost Battles: Reconstructing the Great Clashes of the Ancient World (Allen Smith) 266-274

Ruth Scodel, An Introduction to Greek Tragedy (Erik Graff) 275

Marilyn B. Skinner, Clodia Metelli (James G. DeVoto) 276-284

Michael Squire, The Art of the Body (Erik Graff) 285

Books Received 286-289

  $ 25.00
Vol. XLIII General Topics 1 2012


Hans A. Pohlsander The Fasces: From Cincinnatus to George Washington 3-32

P.T. Crawford The Battle of Frigidus River 33-52

T.F. Morris No, Socrates: How Plato Wants us to Read the Discussion of the Guardians' Nature and Nurture in the Republic 53-67

Michael M. Eisman Dancing for Dionysios: A Reveiw Article 68-82

Frank J. Yartz Plato on Music and the Infinite 83-89

M.C.J. Miller Alexander Helios in Chicago 90-103

Notes and Discussions

M.C.J. Miller A Brief Note on SEG 30, no. 1664 from Alexandria Arachosia 104-106

Book Reviews

Elizabeth Carney and Daniel Ogden, Philip II and Alexander the Great: Father and Son, Lives and Afterlives (Christopher Baron) 107-109

Christopher Francese, Ancient Rome in so many words (Bill Gladhill) 109-110

Jonas Grethlein, The Greeks and Their Past: Poetry, Oratory and History in the Fifth Century BCE (Christopher Baron) 111-113

Flora Levin, Greek Reflections on the Nature of Music, (Frank J. Yartz) 113-116

Laura S. Nasrallah, Christian Responses to Roman Art and Architecture: The Second-Century Church Amid the Spaces of Empire (Hans A. Pohlsander) 117-122

Robin Osborne, The History Written on the Classical Body (Erik Graff) 122-123

Books Received 124-127

Erratum et Corrigendum 128-129

  $ 25.00
Vol. XLIII General Topics 2 2012


Yosef Z. Liebersohn Seneca and the Problem of Theodicy in Stoicism; The e contrario answer 133-150

Erlend D. MacGillvray The Popularity of Epicureanism in elite Late Roman Society151-172

M.C.J. Miller Cult Objects of Athena in Antipolis173-184

T.F. Morris The Republic Does Not Try to Develop a jJust State185-202

Thomas Winter How to Throw a Spear on a Sling203-211


Michael Eisman Dancing for Dionysos: A Review Article in AncW 43.1212-213 (Stephanie L. Budin)

Book Reviews

Eric Ckine (ed.) The Oxford Handbook of the Broze Age Aegean (ca. 3000-1000 BC)214-215

Eric H. Cline and Mark W. Graham Ancient Empirs from Mesopotamia to the Rise of Islam (Erik Graff)216

Mario Erasmo Death (Erik Graff) 216-217

Denise E. McCoskey Race: Antiquity and Its Legacy (Erik Graff) 217-219

Amanda H. Podany Brotherhood of Kings: How Internaional Relations Shaped the Near East (Erik Graff) 219

Miira Tuominen The Ancient Commentators on Plato and Aristotle (Frank J. Yartz) 220-222

Raymond Van Dam Remembering Constantine at the Milvian Bridge (Charles M. Odahl)223-228

Peter van Dommelen et al Rural Landscapes of thePunic World (Duane Roller) 228-230

Caroline Vout Power and Eroticism in Imperial Rome (Erik Graff) 230-231

Robin Waterfield Dividing the Spoils: The War for Alexander the Great's Empire 231-232

Peter S. Wells How Ancient Europeans Saw the World: Vision, Patterns and the Shaping of the Mind in Prehistoric Times (Erik Graff) 233

Books Received 234-235

Vol. XLIV Irregular Warfare in the Ancient World 1 2013


Jeremy LaBuff and Dan Powers (Issue Editors) Introduction 3-4

Dan Powers Irregular War as 'insurgeny' in the Ancient World, framing the "unframeable." 5-19

Christopher K. Geggie To Ryse Agaynst One's Kingdome: The roots of insurgency 20-29

Fred Eugene Ray Revolutionary Episodes at Syracuse in the 5th Century BCE: Some Political and Military Aspects in Ancient Greek Insurgency 30-43

Patrick Kent The Neapolitan Affair: War withour armies in early Italy 44-54

Timothy Howe Athens, Alexander and the Politics of Resistance 55-65

Andrea F. Gatzke The Propaganda of Insurgency: Mithridates VI and the "Freeing of the Greeks" in 88 BCE 66-79

Peter Crawford Hollow Vitories, Terror and Strategic Rethinks: Roman Counter-Insurgency in Africa 80-98

Byron Nakamura The Sack of Roman Athens: Civil Resistance and Irregular Warfare during the Third Century CE 99-108

Review Article

Hans A. Pohlsander Lucy Grig and Gavin Kelly, edd. Two Romes: Rome and Constantinople in Late Antiquity 109-119

Book Reviews 120-128

Books Received 129-131

Vol. XLIV General Topics 2 2013


Sara Chiarini Λοκροί τ αγχέμαχοι 137-149

Jason G. Hawke Athletic Succss and Athenian Politics: The Kalliad Kerykes of the Sixth Century BC 150-159

Federico Russo Echoes of the Persian Wars in Roman Propaganda 160-176

Michael D. Blodgett Your Gods, They have Deserted You Sicily and Carthage from Gelon to Timoleon 177-195

Book Reviews 196-226

Books Received 227-230

Vol. XLV General Topics 1 2014


Christopher Baraone Adopting and Ancestor: Addressing Some Problems Raised by Thucydides' History of Amphilochian Argos (2.68). 3-17

A. M. Devine Alexander in India . 18-46

Walter G. Petrovitz Calling Upon the Gods 47-53

M. C. J. Miller The Visit of Apollonius of Tyana to Taxila 54-60

Kyle R. Fingerson Smyrnean-Magnesian at the Conclusion of the Third Syrian War, c. 246-241 BC. 61-78

Book Reviews 79-89

Books Received 90-93

Vol. XLV General Topics 2 2014


Ory Amitay Paulina and Fulvia: Hidden Agendas in Josephus, Antiquities 18.65-84 101-121

Chiara Matarese Sending a kiss to the king. The Achaemenid proskynesis between explanations and misunderstandings 122-145

Alessandra Pugliese The Literary Tradition on King Perseus and the End of the Macedonian KIngdom: between History and Propaganda. 146-173

Iris Sulimani Speeches in Diodorus' First Pentad. 174-194

Book Reviews 193-202

Books Received 203-207


Vol XLVI Rome anf the Provinces III 1 2015


Clifford M Minor Reclassifying the Bacaudae: Some Reasons for Caution. Part VIII: The Bacaudae in Spain. 1-24

Charles M. Odahl Constantine and God: Imperial Theocracy for the Christian Divinity in the First Christian Emperor's Beliefs and Policies 25-64

Rex Stem The Gallic Conspiracy of 54-53 BC 65-79

M. C. J. Miller The March Route of Varus 81-96

Book Reviews 97-106

Books Received 107-111

Vol XLVI General Topics 2 2015


Honora H. Chapman Insurgenrs and Insurgency in Josephus' Jewish War 118-133

Christopher Kegerreis Xenophon's Cyropaedia among Alexander's Lost Historians 134-161

Graham Wrightson "Surpriese, Surprise:" The tactical response of Alexander to guerilla warfare and fighting in difficult terrain 162-179

Book Reviews 193-195

Books Received 196-200

Vol XLVII General Topics 1 2016


Louise M. Berge A Catalogue of the Myson Painter 3-34

A Trevor Hodge Massalia - The Truth 35-39

M C J Miller A new look at the Mississippi Fragment in the David M. Robinson Collection 41-50

Review Article Classical Philosophy by Peter Asamon (Reviewed by Frank J Yartz) 51-58

Book Reviews 59-61

Books Received 63-66

Vol XLVII General Topics 2 2016


M. C. J. Millerr Editor's Note 73

† Al. N. Oikonomedes The Ancient Coinage of Sogdiana by J. de Morgan 75-86

† Al. N. Oikonomedes Studies on the Athenian Agora 87-112

† Al. N. Oikonomedes Mithras in Athens 113-117

M.C.J. Miller An Index of Articles in the Numismatic Chronicle (1838-2015). Part I: Mainland Greece (Including Magna Greccia, Macedonia and Crete, The Hellenistic World and the Eastern Regions 118-149

Book Review

K.Algra and K. Ierodiakonou, eds., Sextus Empiricus and Ancient Physics (Frank J. Yartz) 150-152

Books Recieved 153-157


Vol XLVIII General Topics 1 2017


Adrian Michael Bushman “We’re Kin of a Big Deal ”:
Greek Mercenaries in Achemenid Armies.

William S. Greenwalt Bucephalas the Hero 25-34

Jason G. Hawke The Drerian Law on Kosmoi (ML 2): Cui Bono? 35-46

Julie Langford Caracalla and Alexandri imitatio: Self-Preservation and the Politics of Inclusion 47-63

Luois Nigro, Jr. Thucydides on Diplomacy, War, and Security Strategy 64-75

G. Michael Stathis Thucydides' Inquiry: A Handbook for Modern Statecraft? Pronoia and Pragnosis (Foresight and Action) in International Relations 76-88

M. C. J. Miller The Topographical Locations of IG II2 89-103

Book Reviews 104-106

Books Received 107-111

Vol XLVIII General Topics 2 2017


Stewart E. Brekke Elements of Ouranic and Cthonic Wroship in Minoan Crete, Especially on the Hagia Triada Sarcophagus 115-122

Ido Yaholam The Female War Elephants of the Ancient Mediterranean 123-142

Frank J. Yartz Recent Perspectives in Articles on Ancient Philosophy 145-150

M.C.J. Miller An Index of Articles in the Numismatic Chronicle (1838-2015) Part II: Roman and Byzantine Coins

Notes and Discussions

M.C.J. Miller The GOlden Couple from Hellenistic Taxila, A Reassessment 1940-194

Books Received 195-199


Vol XLIX The Papers of Al. N. Oikonomedes, II 1 2018


The Goddess Adotis 5-8

Deomokrates of Aphidna and his Caustic Humor 9-11

A Kylix Dedicated in the Sanctuary of Samothrace by Perseus the Son of Antokl(es) 12-15

From the 'House of Priests' at Zoster 16-17

Callimachus on Hipponomenes a descendant of Codrus 21-22

Callimachus, Aitia IV, Leimonis. A New Epigraphical Fragment (IG II2 13126) 23-25

Epigram on Athenians who fell Fighting in Cyprus, ca. 465/4 BC 27-29

The Tholos or Skias as a Memorial of the Athenian Government in Exile at Salamis 479 BC 30-34

Some Greek Graffiti-Inscriptions from the Athenian Agora in the Inner Kerameikos 35-36

The Base of the Salamis Monument and It's Second Epigram for the Defenders of the Acropolis 37-40

Literary, Epigraphical and Numismatic Testimonia on Nicolces King of Paphos 41-50

A stele Bearing "An Account of the Administrator Lykourgos" 51-54

Theozotides and the Revision of the Athenian Law on War-Orphans 55-59

Books Received 60-65


Vol XLIX General Topics 2 2018


James T. Carney The Sun of Sergii 60-75

George M. Hollenbeck A Note on the Macedonian Sarissa 76-78

Ido Yahalom The Female War Elephant of the Ancient Mediterranean 79-102

M.C.J. Miller Sources for the Greeks in Baktria and India After Alexander 103-170

Book Review

Porphyry's Commentary on Ptolemy's Harmonics (Frank J. Yartz)

Books Received 175-180


Vol XLX General Topics 1 2019

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